Pho Dai Loi #2 – Happy Meal Substitute

The first day back to school after a long Xmas break can be hard for any kid, and so it was with mine – HX. On the way from school to his martial arts class he began asking for fast food – actually, insisting. Obviously stressed and confused, I knew a detour was in order, so off to Pho Dai Loi #2, an ocassionaly noisy and phrenetic place of solace and culinary joy (I know what I said before, but it’s my blog – I get to break the rules).

Pho Dai Loi 2

Here I have stumbled up a transformative panacea that appears to relieve all evils that may afflict your child: Com Tam Thit Nuong Trang Gia (it actually looks a bit funny without the Vietnamese script*).

Com Tam Thit Nuong Trang Gia

Barbecued (lemongrass) pork with rice, fried eggs and pickled vegetables (rau cai chau).  From my own personal experience, I think they sprinkle crack in this dish in copious amounts (see my first post), as I can’t drive by Pho Dai Loi without an overwhelming urge to run in an order it (#42 on the menu – no bones and extra crack, please). Well, apparently Com Tam Thit Nuong Trang Gia has the same affect on kids – within two bites HX went from head on the table, mumbling, verge of tears to his normal, happy, junior gourmand self. Maybe now I can resolve the painting on the back wall of the mother breastfeeding her child – starting to make sense now…

HX - Pho Dai Loi #2

* Completely useless side note, but I discovered that the Vietnamese script is actually based the Portuguese alphabet – I had always assumed French for some reason…

Pho Dai Loi #2
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