Redneck Gatorade

I held off posting this for a while, but what the hell. You know, I really don’t care for hot dogs that much. As a kid, I despised them. You couldn’t force me to eat a hot dog and I can promise you, it had nothing to do with any of the stereotypical reasons you might think of. Not the food with a face hangup; not the fear of lips and snouts or intestinal casings. I just never had a good hot dog.

I’m not saying that the hot dogs at the Varsity Jr. are necessarily the best either – but I do like them. I still avoid eating them very often; again for none of the reasons above or anything mentioned by GoVeg (I’ve mentioned them once on this blog – I refuse to give them anymore publicity by including a link. BTW, I’m very proud of you all – the stats don’t show a single reader clicking on the link to GoVeg). It’s mostly that I just don’t feel good after eating that much salt (and this he writes while cramming down Chinese pork dumplings with 670mg of sodium…).

But alas, I think I’ve found a way. The last time I stopped by the Varsity was right after a fast climb and descent of Stone Mountain on a blazing hot day. Sweating out a pound of salt not only makes The Varsity taste better, but it makes it healthy as well – gotta get those electrolytes back (I know, I know – just let me run with it…).

Varsity Jr.
1085 Lindbergh Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 261-5200
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