Moo Krawp – Crispy Thai Pork Belly

The best solution I have for a crappy week is to pickup a giant slab of pork belly and spend the weekend up to my ears in the best parts of the pig –  skin, fat and meat. And I’m having a crappy weekend – so yeah, more is coming in the next few days.

First up, moo krawp – crispy Thai pork belly. I first had this at a night market in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) in Thailand. Boiled with a bit of vinegar and salt, the pork belly is then brushed with more vinegar and salt and deep fried until crispy and brown. Cut and serve with jasmine rice and dark soy.


  1. Your crispy pork belly looks scrumptious – reminds me of some pork crackalings (much less gourmet version) that I at when traveling in Colombia. For a little highlight I might add some chopped scallion to the soy sauce. My friends and I made home made salt pork for the first time a few months back. Check out our recipe at !


  2. Thanks for the comment! I’ll definitely check out your blog. Take a look at my post for Casa Vieja – the Bandeja Paisa includes fried pork belly. Probably what you had in Colombia.

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