Donut Crawl: Doraville – Deli Manjoo

And so our exploration continued, with HX and I ending up at the Buford Highway Farmers Market. One of the highlights of a trip to BHFM with HX is the stop at the food counter on the way out and picking up a dozen Deli Manjoo.

Deli Manjoo

Deli Manjoo

Deli Manjoo are small, creamy crack pockets and the only raison d’être I can determine is solely to help a Korean company sell a complex piece of machinery (which appears to only have 3 critical parts).


Image property of Delice Co., Ltd

Deli Manjoo

Deli Manjoo are baked with the imprint of a corn cob (that makes sense) and filled with some form of cream (a bit like creme anglaise – though with the corn styling you may expect creamed corn). “Deli” is short for “delicious” (get it?). And “manjoo” is the Korean word for “dim sum” (get it – they’re small…). All that aside – I dig these things and want one of the machines (keep in mind that wanting and having the actual motivation to act on that want are two entirely different things).


So get ye to BHFM and try some Deli Manjoo.

Deli Manjoo
(near the exit)
Buford Highway Farmers Market
5600 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340


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