Buford Highway Farmer’s Market

For some reason lot of people still seem to have hang ups about the ethnic markets along Buford Highway. Regardless, BFM is still one of my favorites. The sheer volume of produce, meats and fish that move through this place ensure that you can usually find almost any ingredient you can think of, fresh and of good quality.

Produce Section – huge and crowded

Seasonal – and not in a can

Miles of meat

You do need to be aware that the butchers produce the cuts demanded by their customers, so while you will find T-bones and pork chops – they’re good – but usually not of the best trim. If you’re looking for flanken short ribs, sukiyaki beef, tongue, offal, ox-tail – this is the place to go.

Man’s best friend – Pork Bellies. Time to make pork belly confit again (per Brian Polcyn). I’ve already got the pink salt. BFM sells lard too…

Live tilapia and flounder

Fishmonger (this is about 1/4 of the main fish counter)

The seafood section is massive here, and the selection is, as with all of the departments here, huge. Whole fish can be cleaned and dressed any way you need. Where else in town can you buy live sea squirts?

Sushi grade tuna and octopus

40+ feet of shrimp, clams, octopus, snails, conch, sea squirts, mussels, blue crab, crayfish, eels – you get the idea.

Whole snapper

Whole tilapia

Miles of sauces

Semas (a Mexican sweet bread) – there’s a bakery here as well.

Buford Highway Farmer’s Market
5600 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30340


  1. BHFM has added an Eastern European section (Polish, Russian styled foods are prevalent) and also an Eastern European bakery and butchery.

  2. Yep, wrote about it a bit here.

    Unfortunately, the last few times I’ve stopped by, the stock levels in the deli case have been kind of low – some of the items have never been replenished (Pastrama Budapesht….).

  3. How is the selection of sushi grade fish? Is there more than tuna and octopus? I assume so, but ya never know. What is you experience with the sushi grade fish here… if any.


  4. The selection is small but nice, but it does vary. Sushi grade fish is found in two locations at the fish counter (tuna, salmon, octopus, etc.) and also at the sushi counter in the Korean Market (at the South end of the market), where I’ve found yellowtail, etc.

    Note, they sometimes have “white tuna” and sometimes escolar. It’s not clear if the white tuna is in fact albacore or just a different label on escolar. My advice would be to avoid the “white tuna” unless it’s specifically marked “albacore” (some people handle escolar about the same way they handle Olestra – ’nuff said).

  5. I was in BHFM Monday. That place is such a bargain on vegetables. I spent 5 bucks and change and got boc choy, sherilhon, 2 bunches of turnip greens and tofu. What a bargain.

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