May 8, 2012


Sometimes, I feel a little guilty. I blather on and on about food – ethnic food in particular. I advocate for Buford Highway as a dining destination, a place to explore. People solicit my opinion about the restaurants there. And occasionally, they’ll ask, “What do you think about _____?”. And I have to admit that […]

Bún Thit Nương – Lee's Bakery

At the suggestion of a reader (as if I really need provocation to eat) I dropped by Lee’s Bakery for lunch today. The suggestion was that the bún at Lee’s was very “traditional” – which along with “authentic”, are my keywords for “go now”. (Keep in mind that “traditional” and “authentic” can be very scary […]


Pho Fat Make You

Search term of the week: “pho fat make you” Just checking something on the blog and noticed this as one of the search strings used to find That’s gonna take a lot of pho… Speaking of which, don’t forget to join us Wednesday, May 28 @ 7PM – Pho Dai Loi #2. See “Who […]