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Coconut Milk

Recently I posted a photo on Twitter of a gadget that I figured a lot of people had never seen. Typical of me, I didn’t bother explaining what it was. Pretty soon, enough chatter had developed around the photo that … Continue reading

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Foodie NYC – Sandra Lee Sucks

One thing I am not is a food stylist. Another thing I’m not is a good photographer. I’m not only impatient with it, but I’ll settle for using a Blackberry to photograph in the kitchen. Not good traits for a … Continue reading

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Got a Coconut – Make Curry

So I had a coconut – don’t ask me why. Now what? First thing is to crack it open and drink the water. Remember, the liquid inside a coconut is coconut water – not coconut milk (Too Much Information: Coconut water is … Continue reading

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Snow & Ibarra

It’s snowing in Atlanta today (honestly it’s no big deal – but it does somehow make fodder for 8 solid hours of “news” coverage), so it’s a good time for Ibarra. Ibarra is Mexican table chocolate, used for making hot … Continue reading

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