Si Fang Cai (Secret Supper)

One of the more memorable “restaurant” meals I had in Hong Kong was at a si fang cai (Cantonese for “speakeasy”) – a private dinner club. The experience was intimate, memorable and best of all, unexpected.

Not long ago, I was chatting with Spencer from Black Tie BBQ about their “Secret Suppers“. (Side note, if you’re on Twitter, you need to be following @BlakeTieBBQ – Spencer is a master of the “right” way to use social media). Somehow, the conversation ended with Spencer convincing me that I, in fact, needed to conduct my own Secret Supper. Shortly thereafter, he announced it to the world on Twitter. I was committed – my own si fang cai

Si Fang Cai will be an attempt to recreate some of that experience that I had in Hong Kong, but in my own way, and to share it with others.

The level of interest has been surprising – so much so that it would be hard to get that level of intimacy right out of the gate. The first event filled before I could even publicize the date. But don’t worry – a repeat will be happening soon (think early August – wink, wink). Details will be posted here and on Twitter soon (as well as photos from the first event)!


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