Quốc Hương

There are as many places to get bahn mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) along Buford Highway as there are places to get pho, some better than others. Lee’s Bakery has long been considered among the best, with Saigon Deli following close behind. Nhu Y Deli is one to avoid. After trying Quốc Hương (in Asian Square – directly across from Saigon Deli) this weekend, it could be the new favorite.

I’ve been trying to figure out what it was that made the bahn mi thit heo nuong so appealing. Typically, it would be the grilled pork, but I really think in this case it’s the generous and liberal serving of vegetables (pickled daikon, carrots and cucumber). I’ve heard good things about the bahn mi ga here, so now I’ve got an excuse to go back – that, and they have a full menu of pho and bun dishes. Pricing is typical of the other Vietnamese shops – $2.50/sandwich, buy 5, get one free. One of the best deals in town.

Quốc Hương
5150 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340
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  1. Took your advice and tried Quoc Huong this weekend. The bahm mi (pork) was very good but I’m keeping Lee’s in the running…especially for when I’m craving an avocado smoothie. I will definitely go back to both of these places…thanks again for the heads up.

  2. This is my favorite banh mi place. I used to go to Lee’s but I like this one better. Fascinating that Banh mi is a Eurasian dish. It goes to show “fusion” and multiculturalism is not a new thing.

  3. THANK YOU for the photos. There are two places in the shopping complex that sell the rolls I’m ordering for a party, but I was afraid I was about to order from the wrong one! (I’m bad with names.) Thanks!!!

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