Pho has become a winter staple for me. It’s not only comfort food, but I treat it as medicinal as well. Whenever I begin to feel a cold coming on, hot pho with plenty of lime and sriracha  just seems to take the edge off. I’m not getting sick, but after a week of cold and rainy days in Atlanta, it’s starting to feel like winter.

Pho Viet

HX and I had just finished a quick outing to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market and pho sounded right. I’ve been neglecting the blog because of a recent move and felt a little guilty about returning to a place I’d written about before (Pho Dai Loi, Quốc Hương, Pho #1, etc.) – part of the reason I started this blog was to encourage my own explorations. Honestly, it’s hard to throw a rock on the midsection of Buford Highway without hitting a pho shop (I believe my previous estimate was 4,629) so there was no excuse not to try something new. And Pho Viet is relatively new, located in a strip mall at the corner of Buford Highway and Dresden.

The interior is clean and clinically bright, which immediately lowered my expectations – in my experience, a certain amount of grunge is a sign of character. The pho however was very good, if not exceptional. Cha gio (fried spring rolls), would have best been left in the freezer section at Wal-mart or whatever hellmouth they came from. Overall, Pho Viet isn’t bad if you avoid the cha gio, but I’m not sure it’s strong enough to bring me back.

Pho Viet

Not to sound like a broken record, driving an extra block to Dai Loi would have been better. I think I wrote something about trusting my instincts before – I should go back and read that…

Pho Viet
4300 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30345

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