The Last Thing on My Mind – A Collection of Atlanta Food Blogs

There are a lot of people in Atlanta writing about food – which is good, because there are a crap-ton of restaurants in Atlanta (by my estimation, the exact number lies somewhere between 14 and 12,972 – WolframAlpha was no help…). I’ve met a handful of these bloggers in person, and chatted with a few others online. They all share a passion for food and drink, and fortunately, they’re willing to share that passion with the rest of us.

The list that follows is by no means comprehensive – it’s just what inhabits the “Atlanta Food Blog” folder in my RSS reader. I know there are quite a few more Atlanta blogs, so if you see an omission, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it. When I feel I’ve got a good handle on this list, I’ll make it a permanent page.

Atlanta Blogs

Adventurous Tastes
Lover of all things delicious. Eating her way around the world one meal at a time.

Amy On Food
“I’m an in-town foodie and adoption attorney, excited to share my adventures with others who appreciate a good meal.”

Atlanta Dish
Nibbles, bites and scoops of all things culinary

Atlanta Ethnic Foods Examiner
“An explorer of worldwide cuisines, Beth travels constantly. When home in Atlanta, she can be found shopping international markets and eating anything off the menu she can’t pronounce.”

Atlanta Restaurant Blog
Atlanta Restaurant Reviews, Food News and Recipes from a Real Foodie

Birchow’s Palate

Chow Down Atlanta
Live * Eat * Blog * Atlanta
“Chow Down Atlanta is about eating good food, whether it is in Michelin-rated restaurants, or whole-in-the-wall or mom-and-pop joints where literally, everyone knows your name.”

Creative Loafing Food & Drink

Cured Meats
The Art and the Craft
Dedicated to making salumi, charcuterie or cured meats.

Eat It, Atlanta
A pleasantly biased view of food & wine in the ATL

Eat, Drink, Man… A Food Journal.
“A 30-something male who enjoys to cook, eat and share culinary experiences with others.”

First Bite
You Only Have One Chance To Make a First Impression

Food and More
with John Kessler

Food Near Snellville
Where to buy food, get food, and food worth cooking in the Snellville GA area.


Fried Chicken Blues
Obsession, gluttony, shamelessness
“A place to document my recipe/eating/diet/exercise successes and failures.”

Heading Upstream
Now where the *!@# is my paddle?

Honey & Jam
Baking + Photography
“I like baking, picture taking, growing vegetables, trees, autumn, irish breakfast tea with honey and just a touch of milk, old crow medicine show, big band and early mornings. I dislike cilantro and mathematics.”

Hopeless Foodie
“Just a girl with a passion for all things culinary”

Thirst + Hunger + Wanderlust

In The Kitchen, Around The World

Live to Feast
Feasting my way through Atlanta

Live To Nibble
Experiencing life one small bite at a time
“To live to nibble is to structure an existence around the daily meals, not as chores or routines, but as adventures that tickle the most basic pleasures.”

Mr. Orph’s Kitchen
Seeking Culinary Excellence Through Experimentation
“Passionate about cooking and I plan to share as much as time allows.”

Northside Food
Eating Well in Roswell, Georgia.

“While I am particularly partial to octopus and squid, I am a lover of all ocean dwellers.”

Running with Tweezers
Tales from the frontlines of food
“An Atlanta-based fashion stylist who has merged her two loves – art and food – to add food styling to her resume”

Savory Exposure
Broderick Smylie Photography

Spoonfed (Atlanta)
“My photographic exploration of the culinary scene in the Atlanta and surrounding metro areas”

Steakhead’s Atlanta Eats Blog

The Low Down on Eating in A-Town
“I am not a refined food critic. I rarely eat French. I don’t do Fois Gras. I have had my last Vegan meal. Heaven to me is a medium-rare 10-oz. filet from the Chops Lobster Bar with a side of lobster tail.”

Suburban Wino
Food, drink, and the ponderings caused by too much of both…

“My name is Taka. I own a Japanese restaurant in Buckehad, Atlanta. I’ve been doing this since 2002.”

take thou food
“I started this blog in 2008 to keep track of my journey and to connect with other people who are passionate about food.”

The Blissful Glutton
Your guide to eating in Atlanta
“My aim is to let my readers know about good (and bad) food here in Atlanta and around the world. I simply offer you my perspective on the restaurants I visit in Atlanta and around the world and hope you find it useful.”

The Food Abides
“My soapbox and your guide to all things food”

Tongue Sausage
“A blog filled with good food, good drinks, and good times in the Atlanta area.”

Vintage Victuals
A culinary trip down memory lane

Whisk Away
The kitchen is my favorite place-warm in winter, the action spot during family time, where I am most creative.


  1. “somewhere between 14 and 12,972” – lol.

    Thanks for the shout out BuHi. Always a pleasure keeping up with your blog. Let’s all keep up the good work!

  2. I’d agree with Sean. This site has been a “must read” ever since I found it.

    I like unique, original voices.


  3. Thanks, EBH! You’re on my feeds so I never miss a post. My most favorite entry of yours? Your bread pics from H&F at the PR Farmer’s Mkt. To me, that’s classic food porn. Bread rules!!!

    That and your Moka Crema!

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