Thaicoon – Occasional Thai

Gai Yang (BBQ Chicken with sticky rice)

You may well know that I’m a PITA about Thai food. I’ve pretty much given up on thinking that there is anything even passable as Thai in Atlanta. Years ago, a Thai friend pointed out that Thaicoon had a special Sunday “brunch” menu of actual Thai street food. Skeptical (go figure), I checked it out and found the food I had been missing.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I ventured back and discovered that they still offer the Sunday menu – a pretty large selection of “street food” and “authentic” Thai dishes that you just won’t find anywhere else. I’m still shocked that they don’t offer this type of food all the time. Even the waitress got excited when describing the dishes. All I can say is give Thaicoon a try on Sundays (special menu is here). Ask for the pandan tea as well.

Moo Krawp (Crispy pork belly with basil leaves)

Thai dumplings (หอยจ๊อ – translates as “Shell Jordan”?)

“Three Friends” – fish (smelt?), squid and crispy pork skin salad

Melon with tapioca pearls

Thaicoon & Sushi Bar
1799 Briarcliff Rd. Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 817-9805


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