Makara’s Mediterranean

Located in a non-descript, re-purposed space at the corner of Roswell Road and Johnson Ferry, Makara’s is a passable spot for a quick Middle Eastern food fix.


Gyro & Turkish Salad

Granted there’s an amazing amount of competition in this genre up and down the street, but Makara’s is set up more as a fast food/take-out shop, which should set them apart a bit from the more “traditional” restaurants in the area.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ask the owners about their restaurant, as they were being dominated by some sort of megalomaniacal, freelance, Israeli, self-appointed restaurant consultant (essentially, some guy that walked in off the street). One useful fact gleaned from his animated querying was that, yes, they are in fact Turkish. Other points he felt compelled to offer:

  1. They charge too much
  2. Portions are too small
  3. They don’t have the appropriate signage
  4. They should focus on catering – but only to Turkish people
  5. Americans don’t care about quality or taste – they only want to be full… oh, and-
  6. He had never eaten there and was not familiar with any of their food (“What is gyros? I never hear of gyros… I would never open a business in America”).

Now, I don’t want to take issue with the guy (for all I know he’s former Mossad and followed me home), but:

  1. The price was reasonable – granted, they could charge a bit less for sides
  2. The portions were more than sufficient for my expansive American gullet
  3. He’s got me on this one – the signage does suck, but I have heard that Sandy Springs is a nightmare with sign ordinances
  4. Huh?
  5. I care! Quality was good, taste was a little bland…
  6. He’s an idiot.


So it comes down to this – if you’re in Sandy Springs and want a quick meal of gyro or falafel – Makara’s isn’t a bad choice. Personally, I’d like to see them a bit more comfortable in their own skin and push a bit more in the direction of true Turkish cuisine – kick up the seasoning a bit, maybe offer a bit more variety in main dishes. How about some true Turkish coffee? Call it döner instead of gyros? We uncaring Americans would figure it out – and would probably embrace you for it.


Makara’s Mediterranean
6224 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

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