El Rey Del Taco

I think I’m supposed to visit El Rey Del Taco on Friday to go taco bar hopping with the Buford Highway group, but HX and I need a quick meal tonight and this place is always a sure bet. The menu runs the gamut: Tacos, burritos, full plates, soups, salads, but our main reason to go here – Mini-tacos for $1.00 – one of the best deals on Buford Highway.

El Rey Del Taco

El Rey Del Taco - Menu

Tonight called for al pastor, chorizo and carnitas each on double, 4″ corn tortillas (they hand make the tortillas during lunch and on the weekends). Had the cabeza (beef cheek) and barbacoa de chivo (goat) on my last visit – both tasty as well. A little squeeze of lime and some grilled onions. They deliver salsas to the table, but you don’t really need them – the meats in this place stand alone. Another thing I like about this place – they always ask if you want cilantro. And they almost always confirm it back to you when you say NO. (You see, I have inherited the enzyme that allows me to taste phenylthiocarbamide – said gene also converts cilantro into an unpalatable amalgam of dish soap and chalk. This apparently is a genetic trait I share with about 40% of the population).

El Rey Del Taco - Mini Tacos

This place is huge for a taco stand, so it’s good for groups, too.

El Rey Del Taco - Interior

So I guess I’ll be back here on Friday – more then.

El Rey Del Taco
5288 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30340
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A note on the pictures: What’s up with the soft photos, Mr. Henri Alekan, Jr.? Here’s the deal – I have three digital cameras – a first generation Canon A-5 (low-pixel count and the battery won’t hold a charge), a Sony MiniDV (Zeiss lens, great video, but only 600K pixels for stills and it’s awkard), and a Blackberry Pearl (1 megapixel), which being my phone – is always with me. Therefore, I take crappy photos on my phone and beat on them in Photoshop. I’m partial to the Orton effect, because it hides many flaws or perhaps because I’m partial to the work of the aforementioned Henri Alekan – but I don’t have his grandmother’s silk stockings…don’t worry, I’m not going to explain that.


  1. After reading your blog I stopped in to pick up some tacos. I loved the atmosphere and the staff was very friendly. My husband loved the take out food so we went back the next night and now we are officially hooked! My favorites include the fish tacos, carnitas tacos and the sausage potato and cheese quesadilla. My husband loved the barbequed goat tacos! We can’t wait to try out the whole menu. Thanks for the blog – you are providing a very worthwhile service to the community!

  2. Thanks for the nice words. I’m glad you like this place – now I’m thinking about the chorizo and cabeza tacos….

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