Donut Crawl: Plaza Fiesta – Atlanta Churros

Fried dough from a cart on wheels – a lot of wheels. Passable churros rellenos de chocolate (filled) for when you really need a fix (and a hell of a lot less messy than making them at home).

Churros Rellenos

Usually they’re a bit tough here, but there are not too many places I’ve found to get a good churro in town.

Churro Lady

Part of the reason they’re tough…

Atlanta Churros


Atlanta Churros
Near the food court at Plaza Fiesta
4166 Buford Hwy
Atlanta, GA 30345


  1. I think you have to time it right – last time I went, the churros seemed to be a day old. I didn’t post it though, cause I didn’t want to be negative without giving them a second chance. I’ll try them again. Thanks for the heads up!

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