Don Pepe’s Taqueria

You want to hack me off? I mean, really just irk the crap out of me? Give me a bad taco. Dry, overcooked, stringy meat. Lifeless corn tortillas with all the moisture of a Frito, but none of the taste. Aged limes that may well have been scavenged from a barback at Hooters.

You want to make me happy? Make me dream about tacos? Take me to Don Pepe’s. Juicy meats (barbacoa, cabeza, al pastor…), fresh corn tortillas and simple salsa picante. That’s all. I eat until I’m full, and then I want to go back for more. I can’t think of a better recommendation.

Pickled jalapenos, carrots and onions

Located in the parking lot of Pine Tree plaza – in the crapshack that formerly housed Chef Liu’s – they’ve cleaned it up and removed all traces of the former tenant (other than the directions to the bathroom, which are still in Chinese…). There’s a pretty comprehensive menu of burritos, tortas, salads, pollo asado, etc., but I’ve yet to try any of it. To me, at least, the tacos are that good.

I only wish they had an alcohol permit so you could get a nice Sol or Corona with your meal…

Don Pepe’s Taqueria
5215 Buford Highway Northwest
Doraville, GA 30340


  1. I couldn’t agree more. Don Pepe’s has the best pollo filling in town – warm and juicy thigh meat with the absolute best red and spicy marinade. Also – if you get away from the tacos, they have a sandwich-like items with two fried corn tortillas instead of bread. It’s great.

  2. Hi there,

    I just recently moved to ATL from Los Angeles (across from PDK airport to be exact) and I’m loving the Buford Highway food scene. It’s like a little bit of Southern Cal to remind me of the West Coast. Thanks for sharing your delicious exploits.

    Dixie Caviar

  3. This place is great! I’ve been going here for about a year now. They used to be in the smaller shack just south of Chef Lu’s. I’ve had a lot of tacos on BH and these are my favorite. The tortillas are heated on a griddle with a little oil, so they’re soft and a little crispy…perfect texture. The burritos and quesadillas are great too.

  4. I used to eat at the shack across the parking lot all of the time as well. If I’m not mistaken, it was called Don Pedro’s over there (at least that’s what the truck said…). Don Pedro’s has a second location on Buford Highway, North of Jimmy Carter. I’ll have to ask what the deal is next time I’m there.

  5. Had the Steak Burrito… Not the best and not the worst, just OK, there was a lot of refried beans and the steak seemed a little tough.
    The chips were the same as when you go to the ball game and order nachos, little disappointed in that.
    Maybe will try again, but more than likely not.

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