Carniceria Hispaña vs. Don Taco

OK – I’ll spare you any artificial tension, B.S. or whatever. Carniceria Hispaña. Hands down. So now you don’t have to read anymore – just look at the pretty taco pictures and be done with it.



Tacos carnitas – Carniceria Hispaña


Tacos al pastor – Carniceria Hispaña

Carniceria Hispaña

Carniceria Hispaña
3258 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30329-1708

Sunday lunch, and HX declared “Mexican”, followed by “tacos”, so we were off. HX has been demanding to eat at Don Taco again since the one time he tried it at their former location, about 4 miles South on Buford Highway. That was 4 years ago – when he was 3. I guess that makes him persistent and me stubborn.  So I caved and we decided to start at Don Taco. We would start with a small order – if it was good (I remembered otherwise), we would stay and order more, otherwise we’d move on.

We ordered 4 tacos – carnitas, barbacoa, and 2 al pastor (my bellweather). After an interminable wait, 4 tiny foil packets were delivered to our table. The foil and steam had reduced the flour tortillas to a gelatinous mess, and in no time my fingers were covered in tortilla, bits of napkin and random flotsam. Al pastor – mealy and flavourless. No amount of tampering from the fixin’s bar could revive this one. Barbacoa – tortilla disaster aside, flavourful and moist – not too bad. Carnitas – again with the tortilla, but surprisingly tasty and tender pork. I could get behind this carnitas, but who knows if it’s consistent… The restaurant is clean (if not reminiscent of a hospital cafeteria from the ’80s) and the staff friendly.

After using the remnants of our rationed glass of water (the drought is over, guys) to soften the wheat paste on our fingers, we decided that round 2 was to be found elsewhere and ventured on to Carniceria Hispaña.

Carniceria Hispaña pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s a Hispanic butcher shop with a small market and restaurant inside. One guy works the flattop and mans the tiny “kitchen”. You can watch your food being prepared (which I like) or wander about the market until he hunts you down to let you know your order is ready. The $2 tacos are generous (about twice the size of the $1.60 tacos from Don Taco). Double corn tortillas, a splash of lime and chipotle salsa and a tamarind soda got us back on track. The pictures (above) say it all.



Carnitas & barbacoa – Don Taco


Carnitas, barbacoa, al pastor – Don Taco


Hospital cafeteria – I mean, Don Taco


Don Taco
5884 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340-2422


  1. I’ve passed by Don Taco so many times on BuHi but sounds like I should keep passing by from your post!

    Have you been to the taco truck in Marietta? If you have what did you think of it?

  2. Yep – definitely not a destination in my book. I’ve not been to the taco truck, but I’ve heard lots of good things. I have to find the time to make it out there….

  3. This metropolitan area is just too large. Otherwise, I’d be hanging at Williamson’s BBQ and have a shot at getting my mother-in-law to Yakitori Jinbei. And oh, yes, to get to the topic at hand.

    It seems so much of the best buys in food these days are in the Mexican markets and shops. It’s hard to beat a well made $2.99 quesadilla. I’m not at all surprised that the carniceria won.


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