Chicago Supermercado

Walk past the dude blowing bubbles and selling turtles in the parking lot and in to Chicago Supermercado. All the way in the back you’ll find an unassuming taqueria tucked into the corner between the meat counter and the masa grinders.

Tamale de puerco, Tacos: Carnitas, Cabeza, Barbacoa

Queue up, place your order, find a spot at the counter. (BTW, they make a damn fine pollo rostizad too – grab a whole chicken to take how with you!)

Tacos: Pollos, Carnitas


Chicago Supermercado
5263 Buford Highway Northeast
Doraville, GA 30340


  1. When I worked out at the (now defunct) Ropeman’s gym next door, I used to stop in and eat at the Chicago taqueria all the time. This was the first place I ever had goat barbacoa and I still chuckle when I think of the reactions of some of my, shall we say, less
    adventurous friends. Living in Doraville with a closed mind is like going to Baskin Robins and always ordering vanilla ice cream.

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