Mediterranean Bakery & Sandwich

Mediterranean Bakery & Sandwich. Not really on Buford Highway, but who cares? Huge portions of great Lebanese and it’s cheap. A good selection of dishes (kafta, shawarma, kebabs, salads sandwiches, etc.), Turkish coffee, bakery and market. While this is a great place for a quick lunch, it also makes for a great destination spot. You could easily spend a quite a bit of time here (as we did), sampling from the menu and the bakery.

Mediterranean Bakery

I’m not going to even try on this one – sometimes it’s just about enjoying the food and conversation. Not going too deep into analytics today. I’m definitely going back, so look for more in a future post. (I find it easier to really “study” a place when I’m alone or with maybe one other person). Speaking of not trying, you could spend days debating Middle Easter food – just go to Wikipedia and look up kafta. Apparently there are 291 types in Turkey alone…

Mediterranean food, and kafta (kefta, kofta, keftes, whatever) in particular, can be a crap shoot – overcooked, dry, wierd spices, gamey meat. Salads can be overly sour. But not here. Balance seems to be key. Kafta was tender and flavourful (seems to be all beef), fatoush (bread and vegetable salad) was fresh – not too much lemon. Hummus – is hummus. As long as it’s not grainy, I’m fine with it.

Mediterranean Bakery - Kafta

Kafta, hummus and fatoush.

Mediterranean Bakery

The upshot – if you’ve been suffering from the dearth of good Lebanese in this town – go here. If you’ve never had Lebanese – go here. Good stuff.

3362 Chamblee-Tucker Road
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30340
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  1. I agree. We went there yesterday and tried the lamb kabob plate (with baba ganoush and falafel) and the baklava. Everything was delicious and reasonably priced. I’m definitely glad I found this place, as it’s also close to my house.

  2. After reading your review, I decided to check this place out. It was very tasty…I will definitely return.

  3. I went there after discovering your web page. I have been looking for a good Shawarma in Atlanta since moving here so I wasn’t gonna let a little snow discourage me!
    All I have to say is that this is as authentic as it gets. Great food, very nice people. Will definitely go back often.

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