I’m not going into a lot of detail about Fritti ( Jimmy covered his experience well at Eat It, Atlanta and the U Restaurants web site goes into detail about their pizza qualifications).  I was just out traipsing around Inman Park with friends and we stopped in on a nice afternoon for some snacks on the patio – thought I’d share some photos.

By far, the arancini di riso (fried balls of risotto stuffed with sausage) are one of the better appetizers I’ve had in a quite a while. I could quite easily spend an afternoon drinking good beer and eating a giant basket of these – but it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

The margherita pizza was quite tasty, but it honestly left me thinking about how good the margherita at Antico is…

Arancini di riso

309 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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