If you noticed a trail of cilantro down Buford Highway today – that was me. I’ve got to remember to tell them to leave it off when I order bahn mi. (I hate cilantro.)  And yes, I was careful not to fling it on other cars….


  1. Where did you go for bahn mi this time? After reading your piece on Lee’s Bakery last week, I stopped by to pick up a couple of their sandwiches…and an advocado smoothie. My wife and I were very pleased and will now include LB into our usual BuHi repertoire (Cafe 101, Pho Bac, etc). Your recommendation was spot on…thanks! Any suggestions for Korean dining???

  2. Quốc Hương – I prefer it over Lee’s – it’s mentioned elsewhere on the blog.

    There’s lots of good Korean, I’ve just been out of that mode for a while (though I have been thinking about making mandoo soup lately…). Had some good dumplings at a place in the Super H shopping center in Duluth recently, but I can’t remember the name. Cho Sun Ok is my favorite dive and Chung Dam is good if you’re looking for a prettier restaurant.

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