Can I get that in a syringe?

“Addiction is pathological because it is characterized by an abnormally high intensity of craving for satisfaction and by a strikingly low susceptibility for modification of the need for that satisfaction.” Peter Cohen (1990), Drugs as a social construct. Dissertation. Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam

OK, Cohen’s talking about heroin, this is about Buford Highway – but what’s the difference? If you like to eat – let me rephrase that – if you love food, there is none. Buford Highway is a hard, fickle place, full of euphoric highs and deep, soulless lows. Love it/hate it, you can’t kick it when you’re down…

All right, enough. BuHi is full of food. The full gamut runs here – great and ocassionally sublime to gut-wrenching and scary. If you have things you don’t like to eat fine. We all do. If you’re picky, finicky, “won’t eat anything with a face” – pretty much if you have “rules” about food, people, ethnic groups, whatever – DON’T GO HERE.

I probably eat along Buford Highway too often. I’ve been putting off writing about it for far too long, so here goes. Feel free to comment and contribute.

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