6 thoughts on “Morningside Farmers Market

  1. What impresses me is the diversity and quality of the produce. And yes, there were roadside stands when I was a kid, but you would be lucky to get any tomato other than a beefsteak. Bok Choy? No way. I know people pine for the good old days but I can leave canned spinach and frozen strawberries goodbye.


    PS – and yes, really really nice pictures!

  2. No kidding. As a kid we had a huge garden on our 8 acre spread and while impressive, it didn’t come close to what you find at these local markets. Closest to an heirloom I remember is my grandfather pushing his beefsteaks until they split – as much as I loved tomatoes, I thought that was gross.

    The only difficulty I have with these kinds of markets is “eating in the moment”. I’m a spontaneous cook, so if I buy too much – it tends to go bad. Otherwise, you have to be prepared to preserve what you buy – can, freeze, pickle, etc. I suck at planning that far ahead, so I usually only buy small quantities.

    Thanks for the compliment – my son is getting a big head!

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