Anderson Jockey Lot – Pt. 1

Let me start off by saying that I don’t want to give anyone the wrong impression (and I’m not going to win any friends by speaking the truth) so I’ll just come out with it – DON’T GO HERE.


The pictures in this post and the one or two that may follow probably paint a wonderful image of a bustling and quaint outdoor market that you would be remiss in failing to explore. WRONG. I grew up in upstate South Carolina and over the years have watched the Jockey Lot grow into a monstrous, permanent, 65 acre yard sale. It may be interesting to explore once (if you’re in the area),  but a majority of what you will find for sale is trash, detritus and  just plain crap of dubious origin (wow – that sounds harsh, but it’s pretty accurate – how many broken ax handles and rusted hammers do you need?). This is not the pseudo-gracious Old South of Paula Deen. This is William Faulkner leapfrogged 100 years into the future by William Gibson, a kind of redneck Chiba, filled with  cutout CD’s, cheap knock-off shoes, plastic picture frames holding fiber-optic flowers. The sound of pachinko parlours replaced with a distorted agglomeration of Billy Ray Cyrus and tejano blasted from $50 subwoofers in the back of an ’84 Mustang. The pervasive funk of slimy boiled peanut shells scattered under the shed roof… (sorry Mr. Gibson, Skoal will never be administered in a digital patch – it will always be something lovingly spit into a styrofoam cup). Of course, I’m just expressing my personal opinion (don’t sue me). You’ve been warned.


Fresh produce makes up only a fraction of what you’ll find at the Jockey Lot. It usually seems pretty hit or miss, but on this particular day there was some nice produce available…











All pics by HX

Anderson Jockey Lot
4530 Highway 29 North
Belton, SC 29627

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