Blogger EatUp – Tacos & Beer at El Rey Del Taco!

A lot of you have already been to El Rey del Taco. I know I’ve been talking about it for years – it’s not a big secret. But it’s good, solid Mexican fare. You can’t miss with tacos (“mini” tacos are $1 and are the size I found everywhere when I was in Mexico). Other highlights are mojara frita (whole fried tilapia), sopa de 7 mares (seafood soup), micheladas (beer, lime juice & Clamato), and quesadilla huitlacoche – which deserves a paragraph of it’s own and which I’ll gladly share with you if you’re curious…

El Rey Del Taco - Menu

Huitlacoche has a wonderful name in English: “corn smut”. The Aztec word “huitlacoche” is even better: “sleeping excrement”. It’s actually a blue/black fungus (think mushroom) that grows on ears of corn. And with cheese on a grilled tortilla it’s surprisingly tasty. Some marketing geniuses have taken to shilling it as “Mexican Corn Truffle” for $30+/lb…


Sopa de 7 Mares

Now for the boring stuff:

This is a free, informal gathering. I’m not going to ask people to sign up – but if you think you’ll attend please let me know in the comments. It also doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, a reader, or just curious. El Rey del Taco is spacious and stays open late (might be 24 hours – don’t remember off hand). Plus, they’re used to crowds.

The When

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
7PM – til they kick us out

The Where

El Rey del Taco
5288 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30340

El Rey Del Taco

The Fine Print

The is an open social gathering. There is practically no planning, no management and no control. The meeting place is public – the environment is what it is. When I did the first dinner I posted a few rules (some people told me they were pretty harsh), but they were intended to minimize the discomfort of meeting strangers in a strange environment. They don’t all apply here, and I’ve softened them for this “eat up” but most are common sense.

  1. Have an open mind and be willing to explore. If you haven’t been to El Rey del Taco before (or you aren’t familiar with traditional Mexican food), it may be a bit confusing – some things have funny names, it’s definitely NOT Tex-Mex. Don’t worry – this is about exploration. The waitresses are friendly and some of us may be able to help – a bit.
  2. Big one here – pay for your own food (CASH is ALWAYS accepted!). El Rey del Taco accepts cards, but cash is king. Also, I’m not providing food, etc. I’m just meeting people with some common ground! This event is Dutch. My previous rule was: “If you show up and forget to bring cash or some acceptable way to pay for your meal – you work it out with the owners/cops – I don’t know you.” You know, as a group we’d probably help you out, but don’t put your new friends in that position… BRING CASH (or some valid form of payment)!
  3. Please – no whining. If you like the place and the food (and I hope you do), great. Even better – write about it, tell all your friends. If you hate it – enjoy the company and help me pick out a different place for the next one!
  4. One new one – we occasionally end up with a big group. Be patient with the staff – we’ve never had an experience where a restaurant has done anything but bend over backwards for us – and they don’t even know we’re coming! If the kitchen is slow, eat more chips or order another beer (or if you have your food, share some with others – they’ll do the same). Relax, have fun, and make some new friends!
  5. Another new one – not a lot of places on Buford Highway have alcohol licenses, but El Rey does. I don’t care how much or how  little you  drink (if at all) – but if you do drink and you’re a sloppy, mean or rowdy drunk – please stay home.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Nice choice. Last time I went to El Rey they had on the menu that the made in-house corn tortillas were 50 cents extra (or about that price). I got a couple of each and the difference was striking. Just make sure to keep an eye out for that.

  2. Sorry to double-post but I just realized that’s in the picture (it’s in spanish). “Tacos con Tortilla hecha a masa 40 cents más”

    (Tacos with homemade corn tortillas (made from masa–tortilla dough) 40 cents extra)

  3. Great Idea, we DO NOT want to hijack your fine event but some few folks from may be there at the same time for a going-away event for our dear “FoodGeek” and her husband “The Scientist”. We are usually a nice group with very few bad drunks or folks you wouldn’t want to sit next to, so look for some of us around your 7pm start up time. Thanks for arranging this.

  4. It was good to sit with your crowd tonight and to toast to the combined group as well as to our soon-to-be-moving-away friends. The food was good, the conversation lively and I’m guessing the pictures will be great. I’ll post some over on for you to see. Let’s do it again (without folks leaving town)…

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