Sometimes, cooking is not an option

OK, some of you may have noticed a new item in the sidebar titled “DinnerBell Twitter Feed”, just below the “About” link. At this point it’s just an experiment – meaning it could work out well and lead to wonderful things, or it could go terribly wrong and somebody could lose a limb.


Yes, that was in my house when I moved in – I replaced it with a vintage Jenn-air…

The first thing to note, is that I’m a Twitter hater. Can’t stand it, think it’s stupid. I’ve spent enough time on it, around it and in it for that to be a well thought out statement, not a flippant remark. But, here I am trying it again.

OK, on to the the NOT well thought out idea (honest – I couldn’t have spent more than about 4-5 minutes thinking about this. To this point, this post has taken longer to write that the consideration I put into this).

I’ve set up a Twitter account called DinnerBell. The experiment is that (on occasion) when I get hungry and feel like searching out some ethnic food, I’m going to post to Twitter a time and location. You’re welcome to meet me there, post back a better/alternate place, etc.

This being an ill-thought out/ill-advised idea, I’m making up a few rules as I type this. This is supposed to be a fun, social idea – the following isn’t meant to sound harsh, but we’re all strangers so, if you decide to participate/show up:


  1. I will post enough info for you to figure out where a place is (full name of restaurant, maybe street name – can’t promise a full address – Google is your friend).
  2. I’ll try to post 30 minutes to an hour in advance – maybe more.
  3. I carry no cash or valuables.
  4. I’ll typically post lunch or dinner, occasionally late night – breakfast will be rare (I like to get up when the sun is warm).
  5. I will probably change/break the rules, etc. as I go along – but I’ll try to let everyone know.
  6. I reserve the right to back-out/cancel at the last minute. That doesn’t mean you have to.
  7. I have nothing to prove. I’m not out for “weird” food experiences. If I’m eating pig skin/ears or jellyfish – it’s because I like it – it’s not to impress.
  8. I am not tech support for Twitter, WordPress or the Internet in general.


  1. Have an open mind and be willing to explore. When you try a new restaurant, either know what you’re getting into or be willing to suspend certain inhibitions (NOTE: common sense should never be suspended). Ethnic menus are rarely translated well, and rarely will your server be able to translate any better. Go for it or try something else. (e.g., Grabbed Lamb – the dish was traditionally eaten with the hands, get it?; Pig Funckle – that’s a typo – should be Knuckle; Egg with Person – your guess is as good as mine).
  2. No whining. I’m not responsible for your experience. If you like a place, great. If you hate it, too bad.
  3. Pay for your own food. If you show up and forget to bring cash – you work it out with the owners/cops – I don’t know you.
  4. Don’t be (too) creepy. I understand that everybody can be a little weird, but come on…
  5. Don’t be an asshole. (Actually, it’s a free country – you can be all the asshole you want – just keep it to yourself or sit at another table). ** I should clarify what I mean by this. Reference item #1. Show a bit of respect to the people preparing and serving your food. Don’t make particular demands, and if you order something that’s not what you expect – grin and bear it – you might like it. Otherwise, share it with others or take it home to the dog.
  6. If you don’t like/agree with any of the above – find a different sandbox to play in.

If you’re a Twitter user and want to play along – just follow DinnerBell. If you’re NOT a Twitter user, I’m making the assumption that a) you can read, and b) you know to put the round block in the round hole. You should be able to figure this out. If you follow DinnerBell (and are not a spammer), I’ll follow you back.


  1. You are indeed a brave person. And your rules crack me up. I hope your Twitter experiment goes well. How’re people supposed to recognize you should they decide to join you for pig funckle?!

    I actually saw your blog on UrbanSpoon and wanted to make sure you know about Pizzeria Venti (2770 Lenox Road, maybe 1/2 mile west of 85 and Buford Hwy). My husband and his partner opened the restaurant in December. If you’re looking for authentic Italian pizza (not Chicago-style or NY-style), give us a try.


  2. Well, I don’t know how brave I am – but at 6′ 2″ and 200lbs, I figure you have to really want to mess with me…

    Hopefully people will take the rules in the spirit they are intended – light-hearted, but serious none the less. If people just want to enjoy themselves, the more the merrier. If they just want to vent and be miserable, I’m sure there’s a meetup for Nihilists or something somewhere in Atlanta. Anyway, if people Twitter back I’ll make sure to pass on some way to find each other.

    I’ll definitely check out your husband’s restaurant! I’m assuming I can find a real pizza Margherita?

  3. Margherita — that’s tomato & basil, right? Sorry, my husband’s the expert. I’m just a picky eater. I love the tomato & basil at Pizzeria Venti. But I’ve also found that I like the Pizza Max with tomatoes, black olives, capers, feta cheese & Italian seasoning. Not being an adventurous eater, I never would’ve tried that anywhere else!

    Make sure you save room for some gelato, too!

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