Atlanta Street Food

Atlanta wants food trucks. The city/state has made the process of starting a mobile food truck concession  pretty much impossible. Fortunately, there is a group that is looking to get the laws revised – The Atlanta Street Food Coalition. Their mission is pretty simple: “To campaign for safe, affordable, and legal access to street food in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding metro area”. Drop by their site and sign the petition to legalize street food in Atlanta.

On a related note, I was recently in Florida, and on a drive through Seaside, I found a burgeoning street food scene. The photos are up at Christiane Lauterbach’s Atlanta Food Carts blog – another great resource for info on street food in Atlanta.


  1. This is a huge missing component in making Atlanta and even the small towns that make up metro Atlanta a vibrant place. Street vendors are a part of every great city.

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