Atlanta Food Blogger’s Dinner – Round 2

Here we go again! It’s been 4+ months since the last time we got together, braving pre-Xmas traffic and raging thunderstorms – far too long. We had a great time and good food, plus I think we all came out feeling pretty positive about what we do.

Atlanta area food bloggers (actually, it doesn’t matter where you’re from) are invited to get together in a casual, informal environment, grab a bite to eat and get to know each other. Pretty much a similar deal to the last one, just a different location and I’m no longer using the words “Eat Up” (this was co-opted by someone else after our last event :< ). This isn’t limited to just food bloggers – we’ve got some devoted followers and food fanatics that hang out with us online and you’re welcome too.

Details are after the jump…

The What

Again, you’re invited to meet face to face, prove you exist in the physical world, grab some good food and get to know some of your compatriots.

The When

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
7PM – whenever

The Where

Doh! We have changed venue. It appears that Bamboo Grill is closed on Wednesdays (probably explains my inability to get a hold of them on Wednesday…). We’re going to invade Shoya Izakaya!

Shoya Japanese Restaurant
6035 Peachtree Road
Suite A-101
Doraville, GA 30360

One of the great things about Shoya – it’s an izakaya, meaning we get to do some mid-week drinking!

How Do I Find You?

Because this is an informal gathering and I’m not holding your feet to the fire, I don’t make reservations – I’m just not sure who’ll show up. If you guys are all really good and confirm through the comments (and don’t back out at the last minute ;>), it will help. I’ll let management know we’re there and I’ll try to be there a little early – I look a little bit like the scary guy pictured over here or here. Just walk up and say “Hi”.

The Fine Print

The is an open social gathering. There is no planning, management or control. The meeting place is public – the environment is what it is. I’ll hearken back to a post I did a while ago to encourage people to meet for dinner (here). Back then I posted a few rules (some people told me they were pretty harsh), but they were intended to minimize the discomfort of meeting strangers in a strange environment. They don’t all apply here, and I’ve softened them for this “eat up” but some are common sense.

  1. Have an open mind and be willing to explore. If you haven’t been to Shoya before (or you aren’t familiar with Japanese pub food), it may be a bit confusing/overwhelming. Don’t worry – the proprietors are friendly and some of us may be able to help – a bit.
  2. Big one here – pay for your own food (BRING CASH!). I’m not providing food, etc. I’m just looking to meet people with some common ground! This event is Dutch. My previous rule was: “If you show up and forget to bring cash – you work it out with the owners/cops – I don’t know you.” You know, as a group we’d probably help you out, but don’t put your new friends in that position… BRING CASH! The restaurant accepts cards, but don’t make them run a bunch of small transactions. Just bring cash and make it easy on everyone.
  3. Please no whining. If you like the place and the food (and I hope you do), great. Even better – write about it. If you hate it – enjoy the company and help me pick out a different place for the next one!

I hope to see some of you there! Ping me on Twitter (@EatBuHi) or leave a comment here if you think you can make it.


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