Atlanta Culinary Tours: Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward

Atlanta isn’t known as a walking city. But that just proves that sometimes what is believed is often just plain wrong. There are plenty of neighborhoods that are completely “walkable.” And what’s more, many of these communities within and around the Atlanta Metro area are filled with history, local artists, interesting architecture, and wonderful restaurants and markets. That’s why my partner and I hit upon the idea of Atlanta Culinary Tours.

Our very first tour will focus on Inman Park and the Old Fourth Ward areas rich in history. Inman Park was the first planned suburb in Atlanta, a garden community with curvilinear streets and an electric trolley to take homeowners to downtown Atlanta. Before that it was the site of the Civil war Battle of Atlanta. Before that, it was home to Cherokee and Creek Indians. The Old Fourth Ward, on the other hand, is known as the birthplace of the Civil Right movement and the home of home of Martin Luther King, Jr. This area is also on the new Beltline Project and the proposed Historic Fourth Ward Park. In the midst of all this history is a vibrant culinary scene as well.

This is your opportunity to experience the community while sampling from some of Atlanta’s finest restaurants and markets. It’s an easy stroll, mostly on sidewalks, about a mile and a half. The first two Saturday afternoons to schedule a tour are November 20ith and December 11. We will take only 12 on each tour, so don’t delay if you want to be part of this fun event. Eat your way across Inman Park, learn this history along with insider food finds, all for just $39!

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Here are some of the businesses featured on the tour, though we will likely pick 5-6 of them for any given week.

* Savi Market
* The Park’s Edge
* Parish
* P’Cheen
* Across the Street
* Sno-Flake

And more businesses are showing an interest. Sign up now. More neighborhoods are planned!

This is a guest post by Beth Robinette. She writes for as the Atlanta Ethnic Food Examiner. I haven’t had a chance to chime in about it too much yet, but she and I have just launched Atlanta Culinary Tours. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans and hope you’ll join us for a tour soon!


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