La Chiquita Mic

Admit it – you’re glad I go into these places. Even though I’m not quite sure why I do it, I’m glad I do, because it often leads to something tasty.

Tamale de pollo en hojas platano

La Chiquita Mic doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies from the outside. Hell, it doesn’t give you a warm feeling once you’re inside (unless you count that flush feeling you get from a flight response).

A. & I ventured in one afternoon in search of a cortadito after Pan-American Bakery next door told us they were done for the day. The window promised “Productos de Cuba”, which they do stock to some extent, but the self-serve Nescafé machine quickly discouraged us. However, a small sign on the counter did catch our attention (can you see it in the photo above?).

That’s it – tamales de pollo en hojas platano. Cuban? No. But we were peckish and tamales are always worth a chance. And for a$1.50 a pop, they were worth it. A hand-sized tamale of nicely seasoned masa, with a slight sheen of lard greeted us beneath the plantain leaves. Inside was a chunk of chicken thigh and bone – I would have preferred a little more meat, but what I had was flavorful enough. For our Cuban fix, we partook of Iron Beer (I cannot pronounce it like A. does – the Cuban accent is fascinating and frustrating to me) and Materva while we browsed what few shelves the store has.

La Chiquita Mic is a bizarre, Mexi-Cuban bodega. Hidden behind the counter is a serious domino table. 4 Cuban men would alternate between smoking cigars in the parking lot and playing and arguing over the table. The owner (and I believe he’s only recently acquired the shop) is from Mexico. The previous owners are Cuban. I think…

Am I recommending you visit? Eh – you’re on your own on this one. Because trust me on  this – your mileage may vary. A lot. But if you’re in a mood to explore and the tamale sign is hanging, you might want to give it a try.

La Chiquita Mic
3671 Clairmont Road
Chamblee, GA 30341

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