I hate Walmart. But not for the bogus, sound-bite, talking point reasons that you hear on the news. I don’t care that they’re a big corporation – I want my own company to get big one day. I used to hate Walmart for the real reason that most people hate Walmart and just won’t admit – I wanted to feel like I was better than the people that shop (and work) there – that my tastes, wants and needs were more refined that the least common denominator that Walmart panders to. And I used to refuse to shop there – because of that. It’s just that shallow, stupid and asinine.

Now I do occasionally shop at Walmart and now I hate them for a different reason. It’s because they sometimes do smart things and they had me too caught up in hating them for the stupid reason that I didn’t see it coming. I don’t like to get caught off guard.

Walmart opened a new location on Peachtree Industrial Blvd, not far from Buford Highway last year. And anticipating their market they regularly stock items that are just not – “Walmart-like”. Like baby octopus salad, wakame (seaweed) salad, frog’s legs and softshell crab (only $1.82 each!). I’m sure it probably comes from that huge Asian food distributor up in Duluth (forget the name) – but that’s OK – the quality is great and now I can save the drive, don’t need to borrow a wholesale license and no longer have to buy 20 lbs at a time.

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