Tomatoes with Sage Sausage and Leeks

One of the difficulties with a lot of the online recipes that I find appealing is that they focus on some pretty high-end and/or refined ingredients. Unfortunately, my schedule (and oftentimes, my budget) doesn’t allow me to spend half a day wondering farmer’s markets for heirloom vegetables and handmade sausages. Be that as it may, one of the lessons I’ve learned is that a good recipe will stand on it’s own, even when substituting more pedestrian elements.

Case in point – I recently stumbled across a recipe for Heirloom Tomatoes Stuffed with Sage Sausage & Baby Leeks over at Food Rockz. As much as I love heirlooms – good luck finding them. Whole Foods had a variety pack of small ones for 9 kajillion dollars (no price, so I assume the worse) – I ended up at Kroger, looking for the biggest, least abused I could find. The main downside is that the Kroger tomatoes are relatively flavorless. No baby leeks either, but WF did have some smaller, less wooden ones in the bin. Pork sausage with sage was only to be found at Kroger (and it was definitely not artisinal or made from smiling, happy pigs raised in hammocks).

I’m sure the end result was not as flavorful as the original recipe, but for a quick meal on Halloween, it’s a hard one to beat. Definitely will be trying this again when I run across some good heirlooms…

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