Thai Fried Chicken

Regular readers will know that I’m not much for the Thai food that we have available in Atlanta. This is nothing new with me. I never looked forward to visiting Thailand, mostly because I really didn’t care for what I had experienced as “Thai food”.  Little did I know how far off my assumptions were, and what an incredible country Thailand is (admittedly, not just because of the food).

Thai Fried Chicken

One of my more memorable experiences was walking to the alley next to my hotel in Nakon Ratchisima one evening and buying fried chicken and fish and mangosteens from the improvised stalls. The woman selling the chicken was pretty frustrated that I wouldn’t buy a whole fried chicken. Little did I know – I should have gone all John Belushi on her and ordered two whole fried chickens.

So perhaps my ongoing bitterness (see here…) with Atlanta’s Thai food scene has been exacerbated by my unsatisfied craving for this type of simple, everyday cooking.

Now, thanks to Chez Pim, I’m sitting here at 10:30PM on the verge of chicken poisoning and seriously considering investing in a deep fryer. And I’m thinking it’s time for another piece.


  1. Beyond good. Brought back a lot of memories. Makes me want to set up a stand by the road and sell fried chicken. I’ve been holding off on this as well for some reason. She has a great site and her photography is inspiring.

  2. I should qualify that I like Pim’s web site for the food writing and photography – I wish she would keep her politics somewhere else. But it is her personal blog, so you have to take it all together.

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