SPAM Musubi *Updated*

OK, I swear I didn’t write this as one of those “Gee the economy sucks, so I’m reduced to eating some form of potted meat…” articles. Suddenly the media is choked with stories of people having to eat SPAM as they can no longer afford proper meat.


Of course, this is the same media that a few months ago warned us that gas would never be below $4/gallon in the US again – and that now says because of the low gas prices we won’t have any more oil in a few years… I cooked this because I was in the store and HX asked me about SPAM – the can caught his attention and he was curious. BTW, I don’t think of SPAM as cheap – it’s about $3 a can right now. I can think of a lot of dishes that I can make (and would enjoy more) with $3 of “real” meat.

Well honestly, I didn’t truly make musubi (similar to onigiri), as I was too lazy to mold the rice and couldn’t find any nori in the kitchen. But it’s SPAM, dammit – close enough. SPAM* is much maligned (pork with ham added…?), but it’s pretty tasty if you cook it right.

SPAM Musubi
There’s really not much to this and that’s why I like it. Slice the SPAM and fry it. I glazed with a bit of light soy mixed with mirin and let that caramelize. Steamed jasmine rice with a bit of salt (this, and the molding of the rice that I didn’t do, make it musubi). Furikake (also buried in my pantry somewhere – I’m moving soon…) and the above mentioned nori just make it better. Yes, it is tasty, and yes it does sit on your stomach like an entire package of cheap hot dogs – but sometimes you just have to give a little.

So there. I half-assed a bastardized Japanese snack. Sue me. But a crap-ton of Hawaiians can’t be wrong. They sell it in 7-Elevens. You can even buy a SPAM Musubi press here.

*No, I’m not shouting – Hormel’s trademark dictates it be spelled with all caps and god knows I’m stickler for rules… Except for the part of the trademark that says it’s an adjective – not a noun.

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