Just Get In The Damn Box!

Electric stoves suck.

I should probably temper that, but as a generalization, it pretty much holds true. Electric stoves suck. My electric stove really sucks. I recently moved from my condo, where I had a decent GE Gallery stove with a Ceran cooking surface, to an apartment, where I have some POS electric range from Planet 10. And it has coil burners. The problem is, they are burners – as in – they burn things. They burn EVERYTHING.

I’m not a novice with electric cooking – I’ve used electric for the past 13 years. I know to immediately move pans when you need to modulate heat. I use heavy pans (cast iron, Calphalon, etc.). All the good stuff.

But this is ridiculous. The settings on my current range go from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Of course I didn’t realize that on Planet 10 or wherever they make POS stoves that 9 is hotter than 10. And 8 is hotter than 9. And 7 is somehow loosely coupled to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. 6 proves that Schrödinger’s cat is dead. But that changes everything. Or is it 10 (then it must be Tuesday…).

I’ll admit, I’ve done some good braises on this stove – but then you’ve got a mass of water to help regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, I’m renting and can’t change the stove. There’s got to be a way that doesn’t involve putting a bullet in my head. I’m open to suggestions…

Unfortunately, cooking posts will slow down until I get this thing figured out.

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