Hey, Food Network – We Need to Talk…

I have a dilemma. I received the message below from the Food Network the other day, asking for help publicizing their casting call for “Worst Cooks in America”. To the best of my knowledge, every blogger in Atlanta got the same. I know they’re just running a list and not really reading any of the blogs, because they posted this message on our old site – completely ignoring the prominent post on the old site that we’ve MOVED. Now, no offense to Sarah – she’s got a job to do, and I doubt it’s an easy one. So I’ve copied her message below.


My name is Sarah and I am on the casting team for the second season of the Food Network’s hit series about disastrous home cooks, Worst Cooks in America. Our casting team is headed to Atlanta to find all those people out there who have a hard time in the kitchen and really need help!

We know that most of your readers are probably excellent cooks, but we thought that they might know some people who need serious cooking help! We’d greatly appreciate it if you could help us spread the word about our search in Atlanta – please see more information below:

Who: We are asking people to nominate themselves or someone they know who is a hopeless home cook. We are seeking people with a genuine inability to cook, but a need and desire to improve.

What: Worst Cooks In America is the high stakes elimination series where the “recruits” (worst cooks) will be put through culinary boot camp to learn one of the most important life skills – how to cook!

When: Saturday, May 1st, 10am to 3pm

Where: The W Atlanta Midtown, 188 14th St. NE Atlanta, GA 30361

Why: There are truly are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to cook, and are dying to learn. We believe that your readers will be interested in this great opportunity to work with the best chefs in the country, and to learn to cook like professionals.

To Apply: Those interested in attending the casting call can e-mail us at worstcooksatlanta@gmail.com. Tell us why you (or the person you are nominating) are the most disastrous cook in the country. Include name, age, hometown, occupation, contact phone number, and a recent photo of the hopeless cook.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could help us spread the word about our search in Atlanta by posting this on your blog. I have attached our flyer and any other information you may need is available at http://www.worstcookscasting.com.

Thanks for your time and we can’t wait to meet everyone!



If you’re interested, get in touch with Sarah, and best of luck! And one more thing – READ NO FURTHER!

If me and the Food Network were married, I’d be this guy. I’d spend my days telling the Food Network to get back into the kitchen learn how to cook. Shut your pie hole and bring me another beer.

It will probably come as no surprise to any of my regular readers, that I am not a fan of the Food Network. And it’s not for lack of trying. Let me be honest. I watched a couple of episodes of “Worst Cooks in America” last season, and it invoked some pretty strong emotions. One of my thoughts was, “I should dig out that 18″ Calphalon sauté pan (yes, it’s huge) – the one that warped the first time I used it, and fly to where ever these people are, and try to beat it back into shape on one of them.”

Not very nice, I know. But give me a break. This is a horrendous concept for a television show. If you suck at cooking, it’s because you don’t give a s**t about cooking (or you have a serious inability to learn new skills – which probably qualifies as a disability and I believe that’s the domain of TLC, not Food Network… See, now there’s a concept for TLC – Shitty Little Cooks. All rights reserved, EBH.com – all their shows have little people in them, get it?). Seriously, if you cared, you’d put in the effort and learn.

Basic cooking skills are not that hard to learn. However, standing someone in front of a stove and bitching at them to “copy me, and do it fast” does not teach them how to cook. These people are going on TV to cry about how bad they suck simply because it gets them their 15 minutes.

Let people that want to learn how to cook watch someone with true passion and it will start to sink in. And when I say true passion, I’m talking about the guys who practically stumble over themselves, they are so excited by what they are doing (and do not mistake Food Network’s hyped-up, “character” pitching with passion). Food Network should replace this disaster with reruns of Julia Child’s The French Chef, The Frugal Gourmet with Jeff Smith, The Complete Pépin with Jacques Pépin…

Sorry, but you tell me where the real passion for food is…

I’m not saying that the talent on Food Network isn’t in to what they do, but come on – Julia Child would have stuffed Rachel Ray in an Igloo cooler and left her in the sun on the back porch given half a chance. It takes passion to make sure people don’t make a mockery of your world.


  1. Hilarious! The concept of this show it lost on me as well. It totally chafes me when people ask me to “teach them how to cook.” How about you put in a little effort on your end and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, you lazy so-and-so. Do you know how many cooking catastrophes I had when I first started to cook? You have to practice at anything before you are good at it. We all suck(ed) in the beginning – even Julia.

  2. Exactly my point. I still screw up ALL the time. You grin and bear it – but you certainly don’t flaunt it!

  3. Food Network has become a joke. Where are the actual cooking or educational shows? Not in prime time, it’s all about competition now. Shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives are almost unwatchable with their quick editing to make them appear edgy when all they really do is give you a head ache. I pretty much stopped watching them now.

  4. Fantastic article! Couldn’t agree with you more…”Shitty Little Cooks”…lol brilliant idea, I’d watch that show anytime!

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