Foodie NYC – Sandra Lee Sucks

One thing I am not is a food stylist. Another thing I’m not is a good photographer. I’m not only impatient with it, but I’ll settle for using a Blackberry to photograph in the kitchen. Not good traits for a photographer.

But I can read a recipe, and Joe DeSalazar has some good ones on his blog: foodie nyc. (<- that’s a link by the way – the CSS on this site blows)

Oh yeah – and a healthy loathing of Sandra Lee. You can’t help but be drawn to a recipe tagged “Sandra Lee Sucks.” (<- that’s a link too) Follow the link and you’ll find his recipe for Coq au Coconut – Joe’s curry and coconut variant on Coq au Vin. It’s a surprisingly easy recipe – prep took about 20 minutes and total cooking time (including the reduction – no, I did not abuse my chicken) was about 90 minutes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to suffer through Whole Foods, so the celery root puree will have to wait for another day…

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