Cooking with Dog

Via my friend M. comes Cooking with Dog – a Japanese cooking show, hosted by a dog. More precisely, a poodle, with a coif that for some reason reminds me of Graham Kerr (whose hair actually more closely resembles Ted Koppel – just work with me).

Cooking with Dog

Normally, I’m pretty dismissive of this type of thing, but this is actually really well done. The lessons are concise and to the point, making the show watchable and the recipes easy to follow. They run the gamut from katsudon to takoyaki – there’s even a recipe for kudzu mochi.

If you’ve been intimidated by Japanese cooking, it’s worth a look.

Cooking with Dog


  1. Yes! New posts! Tell us, when will you post your thoughts on BBQ? You mention on your blog that you were something of an aficionado at one time.

    This is cute, btw, in the same fashion as flat pandas being cute and Hello Kitty being a phenomenon..

  2. Hopefully a barbecue post will be coming soon! My baby (offset vertical smoker) is out of storage, but I’m a bit rusty, so I’m sure there will be a few bad attempts… I’m also shopping for a new (cheap) refrigerator to accommodate more experimentation!

    Yes, Cooking with Dog is “cute”, but I think it is a legitimate attempt at teaching. I have the attention span of gnat, so the brevity works for me. The dog, even thought it does occasionally have it’s foot within inches of the propane hob, can be ignored.

    How can you deny a photo of 9 Tare pandas with a can of SPAM?

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