Sliced Chicken with Scallion Oil

Chicken with scallion oil is a typical dish from Guangzhou province in China. Incredibly simple and similar to Hainanese chicken, the bird is seasoned with salt and grated ginger before being slowly poached.

Chicken with Scallion Oil

Served at room temperature, the flavor is mild and the meat is tender and moist. One trick is to remove the chicken from the poaching liquid (lightly salted water) about 2/3 of the way through cooking (about 45 minutes) and immerse it in cold water. This shrinks the skin. Then return to the poaching liquid to complete cooking.


The scallion oil is made simply by frying rough cut scallions in peanut oil. Once they begin to brown, the scallions are removed and discarded. After the chicken is cooked, brush with the scallion oil and allow to cool before cutting and serving. Garnish with cucumber.

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