Atlanta Culinary Tours – Sichuan: Beyond MáLà

Atlanta Culinary Tours has announced a new event – Sichuan: Beyond MáLà. This is a multi-course Sichuan dinner provided by Chong Qing Hot Pot, with a discussion about some of the ingredients that make Sichuan cuisine unique. It will also include dessert and tea at the new tea room at World Journal Bookstore. There will also be time to shop and explore Chinatown.

Seats are limited (and are only $28!). Sign up now!


  1. Finally another Atlanta food blogger. Hopefully your blog can help me learn where all of the great ethnic restaurants are in the city. I’m too lazy and cheap to try different restaurants because I’ll be pissed if I don’t like the food and wasted my money!

  2. It’s so weird! I was thinking about doing a blog like this, but I had trouble with living in Acworth (between Kennesaw and Cartersville) .. there’s very few places that you’ll get even passable Buford Highway’esque food. Thank you for writing about some of the niftiness that can be found around the area, because people need to know more about it.

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