Gu Chi, or the Importance of Starch

While it may have something to do with the weather turning cooler, I’ve been worried about my Gu Chi (food chi) lately.


Xialongbao – Northern China Eatery

I think I’ve been out of balance – primarily in the starch & noodle category. I keep this anatomically correct diagram on my refrigerator so that I can remember what I need to eat to keep my Gu Chi aligned:


Ergo, I’ve been craving lots of noodley things of late.


Pork noodles with pickled vegetable – Northern China Eatery


Niu ruo mein – Ocean Garden – Chinatown Food Court


Jiang you ji (soy sauce chicken) – Hong Kong BBQ – Chinatown Food Court

Of course you have to be careful when binging on noodles – Gu Chi is a tricky thing. That explains the jianyou ji – it was necessary to keep my meat chi in balance.

Northern China Eatery
5141 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30340

Chinatown Food Court
5385 New Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341


  1. I’m really liking that ratio. It pretty much sums up a male college student’s diet. Definitely fridge door worthy.

    Is there no room for the occasional Chinese donuts?

  2. Indeed there is. The diagram will never fail you. All donuts belong at the nexus of the “Starches & Noodles” and “Meat & Meat-related Products” – obvious really, as the only donuts (Chinese or otherwise) worthy of being eaten will have been fried in lard. The same holds true with “Green/Healthy Stuff” and “Meat”. Again, all vegetables should either be cooked with meat (preferably pork and preferably smoked) or at least served with meat.

    The supreme singularity, you will note, occurs in the groinal area – (and I use the term singularity to define an infinite, immeasurable state of Gu Chi) with the confluence of “Coffee”, “Starches & Noodles” & “Meat & Meat-related products”. Make of that what you will.

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