6 thoughts on “Chinatown Food Court (Buford Highway Blogger Eatup)

  1. hi there,

    perhaps i’m missing something on the site, but how does one get involved in these eatups? they sound amazing. this site is exactly what i’ve been looking for! many thanks.

  2. Hi,
    If you had only one place to eat on Buford Hwy. Where would it be? Seperate answer for Lunch and Dinner.

  3. I get your point Mike, but I have to reject your premise – Buford Highway just won’t work that way… There are places that excel at certain things, but don’t limit your experiences just by that.

    If you want lunch – the Chinatown Food Court is always a good bet. Tacos? Don Pepe’s. Tortas? Taqueria los Rayos. Banh mi? Quoc Huong. Chicken? Pollo del Rey. C’om? Pho dai Loi #2. Soup? Thien Than.

    Dinner – Cho Sun Ok – Korean barbecue. Manchunhong – Korean/Chinese. Woo Nam Jeong – Dolsot Bibimbap. Quan Ba 9 – Vietnamese. La Casona – Colombian…

    I could go on…

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