Chicken Shreds with Scallions

Too busy with work Sunday night, so a quick dinner was in order – Chinese, this time. Chicken Shreds with Scallions. This is one of those dishes that balances all of the ingredients and lets you taste them individually – chicken, scallions, ginger, chili.

Chicken breast is sliced thin, then cut into narrow strips (~ 1/8 in) and mixed with beaten egg white and corn starch. The rest of the prep consists of shredded ginger, shredded scallions, (notice the theme here?), shredded chili (I used sambal oelek), Shiaoxing wind, sesame oil, chicken stock and salt.

The chicken is quickly stir fried in oil, just until it changes color, and removed from the pan. Next the ginger, scallions and chili are fried, just until the begin to soften. Then the chicken is returned to the pan, along with the liquid ingredients. Cook for a minute or two and you’re done.

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