Atlanta Food Blogger "Eat Up" – BRING CASH!

I started this blog a little less than 12 months and 150 posts ago. In that time I’ve discovered quite a few people that share a similar passion for food and a willingness to share that passion with the rest of us. After a recent post listing at least some of the local Atlanta food bloggers (here), and a slew of missed encounters at Primal, I realized that I’ve only met 2 local bloggers face to face: Jennifer and Gene – both a pleasure to meet. But food being the social experience that it is, I want to meet more of you.

I started toying with an idea of an “eat up” on Twitter right before Thanksgiving, and it seems to have some acceptance among the crowd there, so as informal as this is intended to be, it seems prudent to give this “eat up” a home.

The What

Your cover is blown. Having collected you in a list, I’ve now taken it upon myself to invite you to meet face to face, prove you exist in the physical world, grab some good food and get to know some of your compatriots. There are some pretty devoted followers to some of our blogs and they’re welcome to join too.

The When

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
7PM – whenever

The Where

Chinatown Food Court
5385 New Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341

How Do I Find You?

The food court is an open space, so we’ll just push tables together according to how many people show up. I’ll try to be there a little early – I look a little bit like the scary guy pictured over here. Just say “Hi”, and wander off to find something to eat and bring it back to wherever we end up gathering. That’s what I intend to do…

The Fine Print

The is an open social gathering. There is no planning, management or control. The meeting place is public – the environment is what it is. I’ll hearken back to a post I did a while ago to encourage people to meet for dinner (here). Back then I posted a few rules (some people told me they were pretty harsh), but they were intended to minimize the discomfort of meeting strangers in a strange environment. They don’t all apply here, and I’ve softened them for this “eat up” but some are common sense.

  1. Have an open mind and be willing to explore. If you haven’t been to the Chinatown Food Court before (or you aren’t familiar with traditional Chinese food), it may be a bit confusing – some menus are only written in Hanzi. Don’t worry – the vendors are friendly and some of us may be able to help – a bit.
  2. Big one here – pay for your own food (BRING CASH!). I’m not providing food, etc. I’m just looking to meet people with some common ground! This event is Dutch. My previous rule was: “If you show up and forget to bring cash – you work it out with the owners/cops – I don’t know you.” You know, as a group we’d probably help you out, but don’t put your new friends in that position… BRING CASH! As far as I know, none of the vendors accept cards of any type.
  3. Please no whining. If you like the place and the food (and I hope you do), great. If you hate it – enjoy the company and help me pick out a different place for the next one!

I hope to see some of you there! Ping me on Twitter (@EatBuHi) or leave a comment here if you think you can make it.


  1. I’ve been having thoughts of doing the same thing. I have a booking to shoot that day but have not confirmed a time yet. It is highly unlikely to go until 7 so I’m 95% sure I can make it. I will know for sure tomorrow.

    I will be one of those needing assistance making my selections.

  2. Doh! I thought it was Monday or Tuesday… Unfortunate, but Chongqing Hot Pot, Ocean Garden and some of the others should still be open. If we don’t get our fill there, we can always migrate to somewhere else nearby!

  3. I’m probably coming to this one. I can’t guarantee it; there could be an emergency at work and I may have to stay. But I don’t expect any emergency and I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


  4. I’m definitely in. But I plan on forgetting cash and fully expect all of you strangers to cover me. And I’m coming hungry.

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