Atlanta Farmers Market

Stopped by the Atlanta Farmers Market at Plaza Fiesta. I had a list – shrimp (hint: all of the Asian markets have great prices on seafood – and they go through a lot of it, so your chances of finding fresh are good), xiao bai tsai (the Mandarin name, “baby bok choi” in English, “Brassica Pekinensis” in Latin – you get the idea), and sambal oelek (an Indonesian chili paste – I’m into cooking Indonesian lately for some reason)


As with all farmer’s markets, lists quickly become forgotten – but I managed to control myself fairly well and kept to the one thing you can’t avoid here – the Chinese barbecue.

If you like poultry, soy sauce chicken is one of those things that is pretty hard to top – slow cooked, moist, delicate, salty and sweet. It’s kind of like eating good, American barbecue, where you get it all over your face and hands, but you really don’t care. I said hard to top, but there is one thing – and if you know of a place in Atlanta that does this, PLEASE let me know – and that is roast goose. Eating Chinese roast goose was one of those transformative food experiences I had in a little street level dive on Wo On Lane in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong district. I digress. But until someone throws a bag over that guy in Hong Kong and brings him to Atlanta, we’ll settle for soy sauce chicken.

AFM Soy Sauce Chicken

Did I mention the roast pork? All of the best parts of the pig in one bite: crispy skin, clear silky fat and juicy meat. (Physiology note: vitamins A, D, E and K are all fat soluble. They have to be dissolved in fat to tranport through the walls of your intestines. No fat = vitamin deficiency. I’m not saying eat nothing but fat – just that technically fat in your diet, in the right amount IS -gasp – HEALTHY).

AFM Roast Pork

One other note about Asian/international markets. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the “cleanliness” of some markets because of the smell. While you should always use your best judgement (even at Whole Foods), know one thing – when you have hundreds of pounds of dried and fermented fish, squid, octopus, bean curd, cabbage, kelp, fungus, etc. in an enclosed space, well – you’re going to smell it. If you really enjoy ethnic foods, many of these things you’ve already eaten and didn’t know it. I would imagine a metric tonne of black truffles can be pretty ripe as well. If you visit often enough, you won’t even notice it.

Atlanta Farmers Market
4166 Buford Highway
Suite 1115
Atlanta, GA 30345


  1. I have found Cantonese roast goose in San Francisco’s Chinatown at Yee’s Restaurant, Address: 1131 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133; Phone: (415) 576-1818. I tried to ask them to send me 2 or 3, but they are not equipped to. If you can find a way to ship them here to Atlanta, please let me know. I guees if you know someone near Chinatown San Francisco who can vacuum pack these and ship them to Atlanta, a lot of Chinese here would love to have them. I would. I’m from Hong Kong originally.

  2. i am looking for swallow bird’s nest for urgent health…can you all give me recomended…since i only found online only…and shipping cost so expensive

  3. There are quite a few Chinese herbalists in the area of Buford Highway and in Duluth (near Super H, etc.). Most of the markets seem to have stopped carrying items like bird’s nests, silk worm larvae, etc., as they are usually labeled “Not for Human Consumption”. Check in Chinatown (N. Peachtree Rd.) and Asian Square (Buford Highway).

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