I only know a few characters of Hanzi, and this is one of them 串 (chuàn). It has several meanings, but the one that’s important to me is “skewer”. As in, food on a stick.

Beef, lamb and sausage chuanr

Chuanr is so appealing to me that I even hunted down and bought a chuanr grill last summer. So I was pretty excited to learn about a new spot specializing in just that.

Even the floor is in Chinese…

The seasoning on the meats is distinctly Northern Chinese/Dongbei, with cumin and chili (they will adjust the level of spice to your taste). I’ve not had a chance to fully explore the menu, but what I’ve tried is good – and cheap. Skewers range between $0.50 & $1.00, with a few hitting $2.00. They also have a few cold dishes and entrees ranging from $2.00 to $6.50 (steamed pork buns, lamb & tripe soup, hot spicy beef tripe, etc.). I’m am, however, thinking of offering to help them with some of their translations (“string” = stick, “Napu” = nappa, “Chicken Jane” = ?, “Mixed Flower Food” = ??, “Rot Bamboo Mixed Decay” = ???).

Shrimp ball, woodear, shiitake


Open kitchen

Te Wei Chinese Kabobs
5090 Buford Highway
Suite 103
Doraville, GA 30040

3 thoughts on “串 Te Wei Chinese Kabobs

  1. I really wanted to like this place especially after seeing a lot of ads in the Asian newspapers. The small portion sizes & lack of seemingly “true” grilling (char, smokiness, crispiness/”caramelization”/crunch) contributed to my disappointment. Perhaps I set my standards too high after Taiwan street experiences.

    My grasp of Chinese characters is limited as well probably not exceeding 30-40 characters but it’s definitely aided by characters like “chuan” that somewhat look like their definition ie 2 pieces of meat/tofu skewered.

  2. I liked this place. Took mom there a couple of days ago and she liked it as well. The skewers are flavorful and at that price you can try them all. The lamb kidney was a very pleasant surprise.

    The only negatives (if you can call them that) are:
    No beer/wine. Meat on a stick demands beer IMO.
    No rice. When we asked, we were told it was not available. Some items are strongly flavored and need some tempering (salt and heat-wise).

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