January 14, 2011

Worlds Colliding

If you head roughly East from Atlanta, you’ll eventually end up in Africa. If the winds take you the right way, you might end up in Eritrea. If you keep going, you might end up in Vietnam. And you’d probably be hungry. Long before you get there, though, you’d probably end up in Clarkston. Yeah, […]

Bún Thit Nương – Lee's Bakery

At the suggestion of a reader (as if I really need provocation to eat) I dropped by Lee’s Bakery for lunch today. The suggestion was that the bún at Lee’s was very “traditional” – which along with “authentic”, are my keywords for “go now”. (Keep in mind that “traditional” and “authentic” can be very scary […]


Buford Highway Farmer’s Market

For some reason lot of people still seem to have hang ups about the ethnic markets along Buford Highway. Regardless, BFM is still one of my favorites. The sheer volume of produce, meats and fish that move through this place ensure that you can usually find almost any ingredient you can think of, fresh and […]