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Our only home…

We’ve finished our move to This is now the only place to find EatBufordHighway. We’ve been doing all kinds of wacky things over at WordPress for the past two years, but we finally decided to get all growed up. … Continue reading

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The Last Thing on My Mind – A Collection of Atlanta Food Blogs

There are a lot of people in Atlanta writing about food – which is good, because there are a crap-ton of restaurants in Atlanta (by my estimation, the exact number lies somewhere between 14 and 12,972 – WolframAlpha was no … Continue reading

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Nightcap – Pastis!

Pastis sprung to life to fill the void left by the banning of absinthe in France in the early part of the last century. Well, that’s probably a misstatement, as it was years after the ban that Pastis came along. … Continue reading

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Nightcap – Ouzo

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the occasional nightcap…

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Heirloom tomatoes

Well, everyone else is posting about heirloom tomatoes and I didn’t want to feel left out. Just a beauty shot – no recipes (I just eat them raw), no long-winded diatribes, no links.

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It’s a bit of a strange week, and strange weeks call for strange posts. Started off Friday with fish and chips and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout at Vortex. Speaking of which, LiTKitchen (see below) has a beer tasting series coming … Continue reading

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wØØt! – WordPress Featured Blog for Pork Belly

It appears that EatBufordHighway’s post on Spaghetti with Pork Belly earned us a “Featured Blog” position at WordPress. Not really sure what that means, if anything, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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Just Pictures – Buford Highway and elsewhere…

Just Pictures – Buford Highway and elsewhere…

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Salt & Pepper Lamb Chops with Gai Choy

Finding time to eat well can be challenging. As a single father and a business owner, my spare time can be limited. It’s often tempting to rush into a fast food drive through when taking HX from summer camp to … Continue reading

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Who wants to eat? – Update

You know, I have no idea if I have regular readers on this blog – especially here in Atlanta. So this is probably going nowhere – but who wants to eat? I’m pretty frustrated with trying coordinate friends schedules and … Continue reading

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