August 17, 2010

Don Pepe’s Taqueria

You want to hack me off? I mean, really just irk the crap out of me? Give me a bad taco. Dry, overcooked, stringy meat. Lifeless corn tortillas with all the moisture of a Frito, but none of the taste. Aged limes that may well have been scavenged from a barback at Hooters. You want […]

Degustar in Pictures

From the pictures, you’d be excused for thinking this was a Peruvian festival. This just happened to be my first time trying food from Machu Picchu in more than 15 years. I didn’t like in on my first visit. What I tried at the festival blew me away. Escabeche de Pescado The escabeche was by […]


Best Dishes of Buford Highway 2009

Pork noodles with pickled vegetable – Northern China Eatery Niu ruo mein – Ocean Garden, Chinatown Food Court Sliced fish in chili oil – Delicious Kabob Torta al Pastor – El Pastor Deli Manjoo – Buford Highway Farmers Market Galbi & Mandoo – Cho Sun Ok Pollo a la brasa – Pollo el Rey Cha […]


Too Much Freakin’ Rain, or How I Spent My Damp-Ass Weekend

God I need to stop eating for a while. But the rain in Atlanta is making that very difficult. Lately it doesn’t seem to stop raining, and when it does, the humidity is hanging in the air such that it does really matter that it’s not raining. Penne with sausage and cream sauce laced with […]


Tacos La Norteña

I’ve written about the unearthly “Torta Cubana” in the past – a sandwich that typically includes no less than 3 proteins and a plethora of other cholesterol inducing nightmares. The La Cubana at Tacos La Nortena is rather tame in comparison to past experiences: milanesa (a breaded and fried beef cutlet), al pastor (pork marinated […]