February 6, 2012

Blogger EatUp – Tacos & Beer at El Rey Del Taco!

A lot of you have already been to El Rey del Taco. I know I’ve been talking about it for years – it’s not a big secret. But it’s good, solid Mexican fare. You can’t miss with tacos (“mini” tacos are $1 and are the size I found everywhere when I was in Mexico). Other […]

Buford Highway Blogger’s EatUp #4 – Chinatown Food Court

We visited the food court at Chinatown Square a little less than a year ago for the first Buford Highway Blogger’s EatUp. Despite horrific weather and the proximity to the holidays, we still had a nice turnout. Now it’s time to do it again. Atlanta’s Chinatown is a minor heaven if you like “real” Chinese […]


“If you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes…”

I guess it’s time for my once a year, “one month in a single post” recap. July has been busy, especially with hosting the first Si Fang Cai (Secret Supper).  Nonetheless, I was able to get out and explore a little… Black Tie Barbecue began offering lunch. If you’re in Midtown/Downtown or thereabouts on Fridays […]


3rd Buford Highway Blogger’s “EatUp”

Once again, Atlanta area food bloggers are invited to get together in a casual, informal environment, grab a bite to eat and get to know each other. This isn’t limited to just food bloggers – we’ve got some devoted followers and food fanatics that hang out with us online and you’re welcome too. This is […]